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Mar 21, 8: Mar 22, 5: Mac cannot detect WD elements external hard drive! More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: TonoGam TonoGam. Hi all, I have a really strange problem. Am trying to reformat it Any answers? Help really appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Check if the drive can be seen on USB 2. If the drive can be seen on a USB 2. Please refer to your motherboard manual or contact your PC manufacture to update the hardware drivers. External drives should automatically be seen by the operating system. If the drive is not seen, follow the solutions below to assist in troubleshooting your external drive issue.

In some cases, an external drive formatted by one computer may not be seen by a different computer. For example: Please follow the steps below if the drive was originally formatted on a different computer:. In case the answer did not answer your question, you can always visit the WD Community for help from WD users.

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  4. Return to WDC. Answer ID Please select the product type for the operating system from the table above. Click on Start Windows logo at the bottom-left of the screen Type services. Right-click the service to be edited and select Properties Select Automatic from the Startup type: Verify the My Cloud is connected to the same router or network as the computer If using two routers, ensure the My Cloud and computer are connected to the router closest to the internet connection Disconnect any USB devices connected to the My Cloud Restart the network router Check that both the power cord and network cable are securely plugged in on both ends Verify the original power adapter or an authorized replacement is being used on the My Cloud Please see Answer ID To reset the My Cloud, please refer to Answer ID How to reset a My Cloud device Defective or Damaged Drive - Warranty Replacement To replace the defective or damaged drive under warranty, please check the drive's warranty If the drive is in warranty, Create an Online RMA Data Recovery Service If data recovery is required, please contact one of our preferred data recovery partners or a data recovery company of your choosing.

    Mac Discovery Ensure the computer is set to allow sharing. Western Digital does not perform data recovery services. If data recovery is needed, please see Western Digital's Data Recovery page.

    My Passport for Mac | WD Support

    Special handling is required to protect hard drives from damage. For more information on how to avoid ESD damage. Please see Answer ID How to properly handle Western Digital internal hard drives for more information. Please see the answers below for assistance formatting your drive: How to format a WD hard drive to exFAT or FAT32 file system for more information After initializing and formatting, internal drives should automatically be seen by the operating system.

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    If the drive does not appear, please follow the instructions below: Shut down the computer the drive is connected Verify the SATA cable is in working condition and replace with a known good cable if needed Check that both the data cable is securely plugged in at each end and the power connector is securely connected to the drive. If after replacing the power adapter, the drive still doesn't spin up, then the drive needs to be replaced. Links for data recovery and warranty replacement below.

    If there is data on the drive that is needed, do not reformat the drive. Data recovery will need to be performed on the drive, before reformatting the drive. With a damaged partition, there is data recovery software that may restore the data. Verious programs can be found by searching online. If the computer does detect the drive, test the drive to make sure that there won't be any ongoing issues by using our Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics. For more information on how to use the software to test the drive, please see Answer ID Testing a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows.

    To avoid corrupting or losing the data on your external hard drive, always shut down the drive correctly before disconnecting the data cable from the drive or computer, or the power connection from the drive or the wall outlet. The power adapter will need to be replaced, in order to proceed with the troubleshooting. If after replacing the power adapter, the drive still doesn't spin up, then the drive will need to be replaced.

    Power Adapters for WD Products

    Links for data recovery and warranty replacement can be found below. Data recovery will need to be performed on the drive, before proceeding with reformatting the drive. Various kinds of programs can be found on the internet.

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